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The aim of this web site is to encourage people to take-up and enjoy  stamp collecting. From Stamps you can learn so much about the world.  The history of a country, geography.  All sorts of things appear on stamps, from Political statements to themes like birds/cars/planes/composers etc etc. Visit your local library and look in stamp catalogue, you will soon see what I mean!

I am Frank Mardle. Having worked in the stamp trade in the United Kingdom for some years. (I NOW WORK IN A CAMERA SHOP). I thought it would be great to try and encourage the younger generation to take up collecting. The internet seemed the ideal medium to reach the younger generation. I started in 1998 and registered many domain names to do with the hobby. This sites  popularity caught me by surprise. I have been up to 3 in the morning answering emails!

I have answered 1,000's of enquiries since 1998 . Hopefully from these, I have encouraged some to enjoy the educational and relaxing hobby of stamp collecting. Finding some old stamps, along with the excitement of sorting them out is FUN.

I at present not working in the collecting trade. I still collect myself and  intend to keep this site non commercial and simple for the younger generation to use. 

The spelling on the site is mostly English with American creeping in. The Grammar is mine!! 


How the years fly by. I have just recently moved from the UK to Florida and married Valerie

I have four Children, one Step daughter, Brianna (opposite) and  plenty of Grandchildren.  My youngest daughter Lucy below  started me stamp collecting a long time ago. I have a sense of humor and a terrible time with English Grammar!! But my heart is in the right place (so the doctors keep telling  me).

Brianna (my stepdaughter) with shaggy Dog. Alas shaggy has now passed on.

Start each happy day with a skip and a song. (Daily exercise :-) 

           From hardship you find true friends


Who am I and  a brief history of this site


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