A Brief look

Saturday Morning for 6d! 

Still there, Mrs Murphy's shop. This house was once single story with a large round roof. I used to Work at Bracknell Press. the building in the centre. It was knocked down for redevelopment. STILL WAITING!

No button Pushing here. Hard work.

The developers seem to have forgotten this part of Bracknell.  The Market Inn. Like the car.

A farm! Yes this is "Home Farm"

Dread to think what would happen to the traffic today. Great Holland's roundabout after a burst water main.

Could I tell you some horror stories of the train unservice!  (Should be a new name that)

Going up. Bentalls tower block during construction

OK. Not Bracknell. But isn't Mr Trill's Bike shop in Wokingham nice

I hope you have enjoyed some of the  pictures I took of the area during my teens. Want to add some of your own. Tell me or write some memories?  let me know FRANK
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