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Sometimes letters & cards can be found with additional postmarks or other postal markings. These are sometimes applied when the letter or postcard arrives at the Post Office of it's final destination.  They can be also be added by different offices during their journey. Letters can pass through many hands, a postmark being applied at each Post Office. They are usually applied on the backs of  letters.  In the early years, Bracknell had a few outlying sub Post Offices. These each had there own postmark for use as a receiving mark or for telegrams, registered letters, Parcel post etc. Binfield,  Popeswood,  Warfield Street, Winkfield Row, Chavey Down, West End.   Postmarks of these sub Post Offices can be found on early letters & postcards etc. For some time Bracknell used the little postmark shown on the first item below as a "receiving mark"

After Bracknell became a new town, the town rapidly expanded. The list of postmarks grew as more sub Post Offices where opened, each having their own postmarks. Later the sub offices never needed to use these as receiving mark. So the postmark was only found on registered  letters, receipts etc handled at that sub office. Many of these local postmarks are used by First Day cover collectors to get relevant postmarks on their covers.


Opposite is a postcard sent from Italy with the stamp on the front not paying the full postage rate. Hence the 4d surcharge stamped at the left and right of the card. The letter has the town postmark in Italy where it was posted along with a London Postmark . It arrived in Bracknell on the same day. Where the little circle postmark was applied as a receiving mark. 

Letter from Bracknell to Canada. It was registered hence the blue crayon marks and the registered label in the top left corner. It has two types of Bracknell Postmarks on the front along with an arrival mark for "QUEBEC". But also was postmarked in  "MONTREAL" as well. 

A Letter posted in London on Jan 27th 1865 To Binfield.  It arrived in Bracknell on the same day, see receiving mark "Bracknell" on the back. The letter had another stamp added and was readdressed to Canterbury. It was then posted again from "Bracknell", on the same day! A Canterbury receiving mark on the back can be seen.


A letter From Binfield (a sub Post Office of Bracknell) to India. The letter was redirected and postmarked a few times on the back, including "SEA POST OFFICE". I hope the letter eventually got to it's destination. the front just has the little circle postmark of Binfield , which also appears on the back.
I have a letter in my collection that has gone all round the Island of Trinidad & Tobago like this, with a postmark added at each town! But that's another story.
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