The 1864 London South Western Railway Officers & Servants handbook. A brief look at some of the rules fascinating rules contained within etc.

This book came into my possession in a large stamp collection I brought many years ago. Many times now I have nearly put it onto Ebay, but every time I pick it up, I start to read it, an hour later all desire to put it on Ebay has passed. Till the next time!

Anyway, what posses me to read parts of the book every time I pick it up?  It was published on 1st august 1864 and I presume given to the officers and servants of the London & South Western Railway.  The book contains instructions about all the different types of signals in use before rationalization. Hand signals and special instructions. Also rules about the working of most stations and important  junctions. I find it fascinating.

Did you know smoking of tobacco on trains or railway property was banned  in 1864 and was punishable by a forty pound fine? Haven't we come full circle!!

Anyway below I have reproduced are some of the pages of this fascinating book. Will I ever get it on Ebay?  Who knows!!


The last part I read was the complicated instructions for working the Exeter area workings. Up and down the incline and reversing along with mixing the broad gauge trains with the "narrow gauge trains"!! No doubt I will eventually read all the book.
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