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This site was started some years ago to encourage children to collect stamps. And just grew!! Hopefully In the process of collecting and sorting/identifying stamps children will learn new skills, adding to their knowledge of History and Geography. Remember stamps depict events and people from our/your history.

The site has grown steadily over the years (160,000 visitors to the 3 servers in one month alone), I  have been up till 3 in the morning answering questions by email.  But this site is entirely non profit. None of the sites linked to or mentioned contribute financially to the site and I am aiming to keep it that way! VERA TRINDER & MARK SARGENT  MENTIONED ON THE SITE ARE PERSONAL FRIENDS. Anybody writing an article for the site gets a link if they wish. THERE ARE NO GOOGLE OR EBAY POP UP ADDS ETC. So who pays for this effort? ME. I do not mind giving up the time to answer the emails or update the site, But the cost of keeping it going has risen steadily over the years. Due to the volume of traffic I have moved the site to 3 servers. (I will have to start another soon), and their are over 50 domain names associated with the project. So any donation however small would go some way to helping with the financial running of the site. ( I will still be up  3 in the morning not you!!)

You can help this project in 3 ways:

1. Like me you over the years you have probably accumulated loads of spare stamps or stuff!! I exhausted my own making starter packets for the kids long ago. So any stamps or old covers you have spare are most welcome.

2 You can make a SMALL donation to help keep this site going. Use the secure and popular PAYPAL button below (same system as used by ebay).

3 Write an article about stamp collecting and pass on your knowledge to the up and coming stamp collectors out there.

Many thanks for your help. Also thanks to the people that have encouraged me over the years keep the sites going.   Frank


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