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By Dawn Johnson


John-Luc Postcard or Collecting Star Trek Postcards!  


by Dawn Johnson

My hobbies are Stamps and Science Fiction but if someone said 10 years ago
there would be stamps with a SCI-FI theme I would think they were pulling my
leg! However, over recent years there has been an incline in philatelic
material in this area.

An old fashioned philatelist may see this, as " The Wall paper end of
collecting", but I would like to point o that this is a new opportunity to
invite more people to collecting stamps by making it more entertaining.
After all how many people started off with a thematic collection when they
were children, which converted them to other kinds of philatelic collecting.

SCI FI thematics is probably a hybrid theme having its roots in many fields.
The obvious one is Film, and Television, but we can include Literature and
of course, Astro-philately,

Jules Verne and H G Wells have been seen on stamps, and during the last
decade we can see an up rise in popular SCI FI with stamps on Star Wars and
Star Trek being issued by St Vincent and others.

Even the British Post Office has issued a stamp on one of the most feared
creatures in the galaxy the "Daleks" from Doctor Who. If we take a step
further Tom Baker (Doctor Who -curly hair, long scarf and mad/genius look),
appeared at Stampex 2000 at Earls Court where he signed these First Day
covers. There were also other people wearing SCI-FI clothing present
including a woman who looked like an officer from Star Trek (I wonder who
she was!) I had heard of a report where William Shatner (Captain Kirk)
appeared at a Californian Stamp show last year to coincide with the 1960's
Decade US miniature sheet for the millennium because one of the stamps shows the "USS Enterprise".

It does not stop there, what about children's SCI FI programmes? Great
Britain issued a stamp on" Stingray" and those darling " Clangers"! I have
even seen a set of stamp depicting the "Jetsons" cartoon film.

If we look at this further we could have other related items such as special
covers signed by members of "Red Dwarf" one of the most funniest SCI-FI
related TV series ever. Yes I have a signature of Charles Craig who plays
Lister! This could even be expanded into postmarks and slogans. Did you
see the "MIB Men in Black" slogan postmark earlier Spielberg's "ET" on
British covers advertising the release of their videos?

How can develop such a diverse area? Well simple. I have picked a tiny
corner of it devoted to a Star Trek thematic: My bible a Trek encyclopaedia
and CD Rom is mentioned in this book or CD Rom, then it can go into my
collection. There are many other subjects which I can include in the
collection which have been mentioned in the programme even to those do not
seem to have any connection at first glance. Various stamps on the following
subjects can be included such as Clark Gable, Ghandi, Woodstock the
festival, the Blue Whale the Queen Elizabeth II ship, HMS Victory, and the
Australian Lion fish to name but a few Some of the United States Naval
ships have postmarks showing some of the Star ships seen in Star Trek like
the "USS Enterprise" "USS Yorktown" for starters.

We could even include commercial mail. How many of us fanatics get
bombarded with unwanted junk mail trying to sell us various SCI FI books and
other material. Could we include this? I have in my collection two Royal
Bank of Scotland covers with a UFP logo trying to sell me a credit card with
a Trek design on it! And they cost me nothing!

We could use this idea for Star Wars how about anything with 4/5/**postmark.
Get it- May the Forth be with you. We can include Superheroes like
Superman from the US Post office, the Canadian postal authorities issued a
set of stamps on "Superheroes" quite recently. Benhams have produced a
range of matching Star Trek Covers relating to film and Cinema stamps with
relating postmarks. One of my prized possessions is a cover of "All good
things" signed by Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard).

There is a whole area of postcards which depict many SCI-FI programmes, and here are a few examples; Buffy? Captain Scarlet, Conan, Doctor Who,
Farscape, Independence Day, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stingray, Thunderbirds,
X-Files X-Men and Xena. There are plenty of Film Poster type postcards
ranging from the B Movie posters i.e. "The Thing from Outer Space" showing a monster carrying a pretty and half naked woman to his spaceship- (you know
the kind of thing), to the more sophisticated computer imagery of modern
SCI-FI films such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

What about covers signed by Science Fiction writers such as such as Brian
Aldiss, or Isaac Asimov or Arthur C Clarke? Would not these be included?

There are many examples, needless to say we could go on and on. The main
thing is if you enjoy collecting SCI FI, then why not think about SCI FI as
a Philatelic theme to collect. If you do want to start collecting in this
area, then please think sideways when finding objects to augment your
collection. For instance a letter came through the post with a frank meter
design including the words in large red letters "The Dominion Group" If
your know your Star Trek you would recognise this as a group of aliens who
went to war with the Federation, ideal for my collection but would have seen
not an obvious item to include at first in a SCI FI thematic.

Boldly collect where no other has collected before!
The person who said Science Fiction would never enter the field of philately
has quite a lot of explaining to do!

DJ Trekker/Philatelist

Any comments please to Dawn Johnson
Copyright Dawn Johnson 2001. All rights reserved