John-Luc Postcard or Collecting Star Trek Postcards!

You do not have to be a Trekker to enjoy Star Trek Postcards but it does help!


SCI-FI Postcards are easy to come across if you go to the various conventions or shops, cards exist of X Files, Xena, Conan, Star Wars, and even Thunderbirds and Stingray.  When I thought about collecting Star Trek Postcards, I was under the impression there would be few cards to collect and the collection would be complete in a year or two.  Have you ever had a similar thought?  Well soon that idea was shown to be wrong.

 John Luc Postcard to PostCardassians!

At first, I started collecting The Next Generation.  But when I asked a friend Doreen to buy some Star Trek Postcards, she brought me back a scarce set of Hallmark Postcards from the film " The Undiscovered Country". I was hooked collecting the complete range of Star Trek Postcards.

My Collection Statement

It is always a very good idea to put into words what your collection is all about so that you can have set barriers.  For instance if you collect Racing Cars it might be "I collect postcards of Racing Cars, that have been in Grand Prix races since 1950".  This can help you to control your collection otherwise it is possible to get side tracked very easily. 

My mission statement is

"I collect Star Trek postcards off all types from all over the world, of all sizes, used and unused, licensed and unlicensed".

Growing a Modular Star Trek Postcard Collection…

Soon my collection started to grow; and at first kept the postcards in plastic slips. Now what to do with my expanding collection?   There are probably a few people reading this who can sympathise with me.  The solution was easy, treat each card on its own.  I could then add in cards and place them easier in order that way.  This is why my list came to be.

 Sanity and Doubles

Soon I find myself buying doubles, at this point to keep my money and my sanity I decided to create a list of all my postcards in the collection. It had to be in such a format that it could be added to and taken around with me on holiday and to various conventions. 

Get a name for yourself

At this point I got a nickname "The Star Trek Lady", because everywhere I went I would ask, "Have you got any Star Trek Postcards?" I soon was recognised by various people, and if they saw me again, they would say, "Hey you’re the lady who collect Star Trek Postcards, are these any use for you?" The more people who know you collect a particular type of postcard, the more eyes and ears to help you in your search.

Star Trek postcards in my collection have been printed in USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and the EEC.  Some of my postcards are in English, Italian, Spanish, and even in Japanese!

At present 22ND May 200 the count is 554 but I know of some postcards to exist but are not in my collection making it a total of known cards 667. 


When I buy a card for the first time, I would have checked my list to see if it is on it.  If not, when I got home I would add it to my list.  I would record the details on to a template on the A4 page. then mount the postcard to the A4 page with  "Transparol" mounts (like photographic mounts).   The pages would then be put in to a plastic A4 folder and filed in those Star Trek Fact File Binders (the ones with the three rings).  These binders are great and only cost £2 each.  

The cards are stored in manufacturer order and if possible number order, back to front, in other words the latest ones on top.

They can hold many postcard pages, and I often use a plastic slip to hold two postcard pages at a time.  At any time I can add pages anywhere in my collection without disturbing all the postcards.  I can go through and see what ones are missing, because it can be easy to leave spaces.  This only refers to the 6 x 4 postcards the 10 x 8 are just filed in the plastic slips in number order.

Oddities in the Collection

There are a few things in the collection, which are odd.  The first is an uncut sheet of 16 Original Star Trek postcards on from Engale Marketing.  It cost me £8, which works out at 50p per postcard, now it would probably cost £80 to buy. Also I have another postcard by M & V Marketing of a beardless Riker 1st season, which has no printing on the back; I have a proper card to compare it with. I also have 10 holographic postcards that cost me at the time £1.50 each, now the prices of these cards at auction $20 each or more!

Infinite Diversity in infinite Combination

Have you ever bought a card and thought it was a double but when you looked at the back, a different manufacturer printed it? This is why I use my list so that I have one of each postcard ever produced.

Cost of Postcards

Modern Star Trek Postcards are generally not expensive, a 6 x 4 postcard cost 50p or the cheapest 40p at the "Forbidden Planet" shop in London.  A 10 x 8 postcard cost £2 or £1.80 at the "Forbidden Planet".  Sometimes you can come across Star Trek Postcard books.  If you do buy two, one to keep complete and one to split up.  You might pay £6 for 30 Star Trek Postcards, (20p each).

How to store Star Trek Postcards

Make sure that the cards are in a dust free environment and are stored in a dry place.  If possible store them away from direct sunlight, ideally away from sunlight.  (I have bought some rather large postcards and they were definitely faded because the postcards have been left in a shop as unsold stock for a couple of years).  Keep Postcards in a fireproof area like a metal cabinet.  Have your collection insured possibly as an extra item mentioned on your insurance policy.  Postcards can crease easily so keep them flat, and never use glue to stick them to pages or sticky tape.

Keep up with your collection

Record any information from the back of the postcard to your list.

Tell your friends to look out for ANY Star Trek postcards if they go on holiday, which knows you might receive one in the post!

Do not worry if you end up with doubles, they could be useful for swaps.

Hey wait a minute Mr Postman….

I have in my collection a Star Trek postcard whose dimensions are completely ridiculous.  If the postman tried to get it through my letterbox he would certainly bend the card.  It had everything that a 6 x 4 would have, but the card is 10 x 13!  How the hell can that go through the post without being bent?  If you want to wind up your postman, then try sending it to yourself.  It will bound to get damaged and this size card is not cheap.  You might have to pay £3.50, for this size of postcard, but what the heck, you could sure write pages and pages on it!

My Expanding Collection

I also collect Star Trek Autographs, amongst my signed Star Trek Postcards are Uhura, Picard Odo EMH, Yar, Wesley Crusher, Riker, Deanna Troi, Tuvok and Ensign Kim.  Some are 6 x 4 and others are 10 x 8.  The 10 x 8 cards are a cheap way to purchase a picture for a convention; often a photograph can be up to £10 just to buy it to be signed.  This way a 10 x 8 postcard can save you money, assuming you do not have to buy a picture for it to be signed

If I have a postcard signed I try to get an unused copy to fill its place, because I store my signed cards separately. I know more expense!

When is a Postcard not a Postcard?

I will probably start a war with this question, as it appears the answer is different on what side of the Atlantic you are on.

I would say a postcard is a postcard if the barest minimum is there, (a thin line to separate the writing side of the postcard from the address side of the postcard).  However what has been described as postcards from Lincoln Enterprises do not have this minimum requirement.  Nothing is printed on the reverse side, but these cards are described as postcards.  Many other postcards hold to this minimum requirement, even the very large postcard 10 x 13!  Surely if there is no line to separate the two halves, it cannot be called a postcard but a card with a picture on it.   If anyone can give me what the US Postal service say the minimum requirement of a Postcard is, please can they contact me!

Used v Unused Postcards

Most of my collection are unused Postcard. I have about 3 postcards, which have been sent in the post. There seem to be very few Star Trek Postcards which have been sent through the post, and are probably rarer and therefore worth more.

Information Wanted.

I have a few Postcards in my collection which do not show the name of the manufacturer, although they might say Printed in the EEC and give a number on the back.  This can be so annoying. If you have any cards like these please can you contact me so I can try to find out who printed them. 

A few years ago according to some Trekker friends, they said on the Internet there was a list of 900+ Star Trek postcards, possibly from Australia.  This would have been about 4 years ago.  If any one can shed any information about this or have any kind of information, which could lead me to the source, I would be very grateful.

 I would like to think I have the largest Collection of Star Trek Postcards in Great Britain or even the world.  There must be someone out there who may have more, and if so I would like to hear from the to compare notes.

 If you collect Star Trek postcards I would really like to hear from you no matter from whatever part of the world you some from.  You might have a postcard that I would need and I might have a card that you might need.

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